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Providing fresh vegetables,

for your family!

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Food Safety


Food safety is our #1 priority.  We follow the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture policies.  Ensuring compliance, safety, and healthy products for you and you familiy.  Golden Plan Farms participates in third party audits and is PrmusLabs GFS certified.



Agricultural News


Farming is our passion, and at Golden Plain Farms we follow the latest news and research on agricultural innovation and market/commodity changes.  In today's connected world, small events have large impacts.  That's why we are always monitoring changes in regulations, immigration laws, weather patterns, and world events. 


Products and services

Golden Plain Farm's mission is to provide the freshest summer time vegetables for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner table.  Specializing in summer vegetables (July - October), we are the largest Michigan producer of fresh packed Bell Peppers producing over 13 million pounds of bell peppers seasonally.  In 2017, Golden Plain Farms initiated participation in the H2A, guestworker program, to ensure consistent labor availability as a guarantee to our customers that we will provide dependable and timely produce for their needs.  

About us

Located in Southwest Michigan, just a few miles away from I-94, Golden Plain Farms is the leading producer of fresh packed Bell Peppers in Michigan.  Producing over 600,000 packages a year, we provide fresh warm seasonal vegetables to regional supermarkets and area distributors.  

Fresh Produce
Packaging & 
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