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Golden Plain Farms produces the freshest warm season vegetables around.  We specialize in fresh packed bell peppers, and we are the largest fresh packed bell pepper producer in Michigan.  If you are eating a Michigan bell pepper, chances are we grew it!


Fresh Produce 

We specialize in fresh packed warm season vegetables.  Our produce line varies, but generally includes bell peppers, summer squash, zucchini, and eggplant.   Our harvesting season is from mid July until the beginning of October.  We produce over 13 million lbs of bell peppers. 


Modern Equipment

Golden Plain Farm's embraces cutting edge technology. We've partnered with engineering companies around the world to provide the highest quality and gentlest grading technology available for irregular shaped vegetables.  Our optical grader sizes, sorts, and grades produce providing the highest consistency for our customers.  We continually modernize our equipment and innovate our processes to provide reliable high quality produce. 

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Packaging & Distribution

In partnership with Lake Michigan Produce, Golden Plain Farms processes and packs all vegetable products for distribution through Lake Michigan Produce, LLC. 

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships and affiliations with Pero Family Farms, Lombardi Produce, and Lake Michigan Produce help to build our brand and improve our operations.  We welcome farmers, distributors, research & developers, and agricultural organizations to join our community.

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