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About Golden Plain Farms, Inc.

In 1995, Golden Plain Farms was founded on the simple premise of providing safe, healthy, fresh food for the family.  As a leading innovator in local vegetable production, Golden Plain Farms is continually improving our food management systems to reliably provide high quality produce to the market.
Our Company

In 1994, Jason R. Kuehnle graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Horticulture.  Upon returning to Hartford, Michigan, Jason aggressively grew his upstart company into the leading producer of fresh packed Bell Peppers in the area.  Today, Golden Plain Farms owns and operates over 400 acres and process over 600,000 packages a year.  Specializing in warm season vegetables.  Read More.


Food safety is an integral part of the entire operation at Golden Plain Farms.  All aspects of our production, training, and distribution must be in compliance.  Golden Plain Farm’s food safety management system ensures that food safety policies and practices are up to date and enforced.   Golden Plain Farm’s is PrimusLab certified and follows USDA policies and aheres to third party audits.


Our strategy is simple: 1) develop and maintain great relationships with our partners, affiliates, and distributors, 2) create an organizational culture of continuous process innovation, and 3) provide safe and sustainable produce for your family.

Environment & Sustainability

As stewards of the land, conservation and protection of the environment is a vaue we hold dear at Golden Plain Farms.  We  carefully manage our most valuable resources...our people, our soil, and our water.  Golden Plain Farms believes that the key to a sustainable future is limiting our water footprint, while still provding healthy, delicious products.   

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